Yes, simply put, if a seat is occupied in any way, you do need to purchase a ticket.
Our sales policy isn’t changing. For an upcoming weekend, most show times can be purchased by the preceding Wednesday. With some “blockbuster” titles, tickets may go on sale in advance. We will announce these films on our Facebook page.
For both in person and on-line purchases, you will be shown a seating layout for the theatre and will be asked to choose from the open seats
This policy hasn’t changed.We do not offer cash refunds; however, we will offer you a rain check for a return visit. This is for the first 15 minutes after the posted showtime. In emergency cases, the manager on duty will decide based on the individual situation.
No, we are not planning to charge you for this feature.
If a non-special needs guest is occupying these seats, we will relocate them to other seats. Policy states that these seats must be available to special needs guests and their companions until 15 minutes past the posted showtime.
Holiday periods are just that.As an example,Thanksgiving time, Christmas time, and Memorial Day break.Rule of thumb, if it’s a holiday (the kids are out of school for this holiday) and there is a blockbuster coming out, it’s reserved seating time.
We feel that this was the “perfect” compromise for the people who did not want reserved seating,but would prefer to choose their own seats once
ALL attended patrons must comply with the following:
  • Weapons Policy: No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property. This includes guns, large knives, or any other item that can harm another individual. If you are found possessing a “weapon”, you will be escorted out by law enforcement and criminally trespassed from the theater and game room permanently.
  • Bags Policy: Any large bag, purse, handbag or book bag is subject to safety screening prior to entry into the theater/game room areas. This safety screening will be performed by a member of the staff at the ticket podiums or guest services counter. Refusal to comply with this policy may result in you being asked to leave the property. As part of our alcohol license we are required to know if alcohol is coming into or leaving our building. This policy also helps ensure both your safety and our own. Any large bags are not allowed to be stored on the floor, stairs or the ground between rows for safety reasons. You may be subject to a ticket charge if your bag is taking up a seat and the show is selling out. This decision will be at the discretion of the MOD.
  • Vandalism Policy: In the event of intentional damage to the theater/game room building or any of the property owned within said building, any and all parties involved with causing the damages will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These individuals will be criminally trespassed permanently as well as any legal actions sought for damages incurred to the theater and game room.
  • Parking Lot Policy: City Base Entertainment is not responsible for any damages that occur to personal vehicles or properties held within said vehicles in the parking lot. It is highly recommended that any and all items of value are responsibly hidden inside your vehicle prior to leaving it unattended in a public parking lot.
  • End of the Night Policy: Theater/game room doors are closed 15 minutes after the start of the last movie of the night. Should you choose to leave the building after this time YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED RE-ENTRY. The MOD may provide you with a pass for the inconvenience but you will NOT be allowed back into the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Special Engagements:All movies are considered a “Special Engagement” by the studio for a minimum 14 days from release. As such we are not permitted to accept any passes, discount tickets, Groupons, etc. for these movies. The duration of the “Special Engagement” is subject to the studios discretion and as such is subject to change. Please ask a staff member if you are unsure.
  • Refund Policy: Your ticket stub is your receipt. Without a ticket stub the MOD may decide to issue you a pass as compensation but no cash refund will be processed without a stub.
  • Ticket Stub Policy: Your ticket stub is your only proof that you are allowed inside the theater/game room. It is highly recommended you keep this stub on you at all times until your experience with us has concluded. If you are found without a ticket stub it is assumed that you do not have one for a relevant movie time and as such you will be asked to leave unless the MOD decides otherwise.
  • Rated R Policy: There is no child pricing on R rated films. As such all ticket pricing will be the full adult ticket price, excluding Military, Student and Senior discounts.
  • Child under the age of 12 Policy: Child under the age of 12 needs to be accompanied by a legal guardian or someone of legal age. This policy will be enforced if we have any situations to enforce
    this rule.
  • Child after 10pm Policy: NO child UNDER the age of 6 are permitted into any movie that starts at or after 10pm. Any movie starting at or after 10pm will therefore have NO child pricing for tickets. This is regardless of what time of day the tickets are purchased. In the event of an issue the MOD may issue you passes equivalent to the number of ticket stubs you have for you party.
  • Teenagers under 18 Policy: Teenagers are allowed into the theater/game room up to 30 minutes before their movie as well as up to 30 minutes after their movie. Any teenagers found “hanging out” outside the acceptable timeframe will be considered loiterers and asked to leave by management or law enforcement if deemed necessary.
  • Outside Food/Drinks Policy: Outside food and/or drinks are not allowed into the theater unless approved by the MOD. Movie theaters are known for making their money at the concession stand. This is how we pay all the bills and should not have to clean up after guests who do not support the way in which we pay for our staff and our operations. Outside food and drink are also considered a health code risk as we are not able to determine the quality and safety of the outside food or drink and as such refuse liability for outside food and/or drinks. NO outside food or drinks will be held by any employee of City Base Entertainment for a guest due to the same health code reasons mentioned prior.
  • Baby Carriers & Strollers Policy: Strollers are not allowed into the theater auditoriums unless they are collapsible strollers that can fit safely and entirely underneath the guests paid for seat. They cannot be stored in the aisles, on the floor, between rows, on the stairs or down in the front of the auditorium. These are all safety and fire hazards. As such all strollers are held at guest services. Baby carriers are allowed into the auditoriums IF a ticket has been purchased for the carrier in which case the carrier is to be held in the seat purchased for that purpose. Refusal to purchase a seat for the carrier will result in the carrier being held at guest services just like a stroller. On a slower business day it is up to the MOD to determine if baby carrier seat ticket is necessary. City Base Entertainment is not liable for damages to any strollers or baby carriers held at guest services.
  • Language: Inappropriate language towards any person inside the theater/game room environments will not be tolerated. If caught doing so you will be asked to leave the property. Any hesitation to leave at the MOD’s request will result in removal from the property by law enforcement. We are committed to offering a safe environment for both our guests and our staff. We expect people to treat each other responsibly and with respect.
  • Clothing: Inappropriate clothing will not be allowed into the theater/game room environments. Clothing deemed inappropriate includes anything that reveals large portions of the body such as bikini tops and bottoms, exposed underwear via sagging. It also includes any articles of clothing that display offensive messages, language or images.
  • Considerate Parents Policy: Any parent that knowingly and willingly removes a loud or troublesome child from a movie without being asked to do so by a staff member or manager will receive a pass equivalent to what they paid for that movie. Especially if a large portion of their movie is missed. Any guests that are asked to leave an auditorium for disruptive children reasons are not automatically entitled to a pass based on this policy. That decision will be made by the MOD.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy: In an effort to help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our guests certain behaviors during a movie will not be tolerated. There is NO Talking, NO TEXTING, NO feet up on the chair or armrest in front of you, NO use of any electronic devices during the movie. If you need to check your phone please do so in the hallways.
  • Piracy Policy: Movie studios are extremely big about anti-piracy. As such anyone found to be participating in the act of piracy of content will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Use of a smartphone or tablet or any device to capture or record images inside a movie theater is illegal and is subject to a fine of $250,000 and up to 5 years in jail. Don’t risk it please.